Enlisting a group of proactive and engaged 'next gen' beneficiaries who understand that the benefits of a trust come with immense challenges and responsibilities.

  • Feeling disconnected from your financial assets?
  • Grasping for a way to do something significant with your resources?
  • Uncomfortable answering the question, "So, what do you do?"
  • Overwhelmed when you think about budgeting and how to track your spending?
  • Trying to reconcile the wishes of your family's wealth creator with your own dreams and aspirations?

Beneficiary Boot Camp

is designed specifically for you, a motivated and focused trust beneficiary seeking liberation from the stigmas and perceived restraints of your trust. You'll learn to be a proactive and engaged custodian of your legacy, constantly excited for the amazing opportunities that it provides.

This course will help you build confidence in your management skills, while developing an inspired vision for your life and talents.

Experience is the best teacher. We have the best in the business.

Kristin Keffeler Illumination 360

(303) 652 4981

Kristin Keffeler is the founder of Illumination 360, supporting the next generation in affluent families. As a 'next gen' peer, she helps beneficiaries develop crucial business and life skills.

Alison Moss Empowering Beneficiaries®

(832) 563 5521

Alison Comstock Moss is a principal at wealth advisory firm Paul Comstock Partners® and the founder of Empowering Beneficiaries®, where she is an advisor and advocate for the next generation in family wealth.

A setting for rich and transformational learning.
Time to absorb and integrate your new skills.

Summer 2017

Details Coming Soon!

Summer 2017
Details Coming Soon


*includes all meals, excludes hotel and transportation

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